Life is Simple
From Professor Brian Hoffert

A couple of days ago while searching over the internet, I came across a famous quote by Confucius: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”. It appealed to me so much that I posted it on my Instagram account. It was the perfect words to describe an experience I had while observing a young boy –probably 9 or 10 years old- when I was facilitating a labyrinth walk a few weeks ago.

I was observing him as I was standing at the entrance of the labyrinth. I was waiting for the appropriate time for him to step into the labyrinth. He was standing up with a very self-confident posture, hands on waist, straight and tall. Like saying: I am ready, I know how to do it and this is a “piece of cake”.

He was patiently waiting for my OK to step in. I was thinking on reaching for his eyes to prompt the OK, but he reached for mine first. As he was going to step in, a strong and firm hand held the back of his t-shirt. That was the moment I realized he was not alone. His mom was holding him back.

As any mom, I suppose, she was worried and wanted to walk the labyrinth with him. For a moment he hesitated, but instead he turned and said to her: “It is OK. I know how to do it”.
She turned to me and asked: “Is it OK if he walks alone?”
I said: “Absolutely, as long it is OK with you”.
She let his t-shirt go.

I wish parents could observe this as a reflection on life. Let kids explore and learn. Let them exercise their confidence. Let them grow and take responsibility for their actions, with love, not as a punishment. Let them be free to who they are. Encourage their strengths.

That night after the last person stepped into the labyrinth, I sat down at the side of the labyrinth to observe the walkers. I do enjoy the view of those sparkling eyes and bodies irradiating light.

I noticed the young boy walking very confidently, no hesitation, no concerns, with happy and curious gestures. For moments he was out of my sight, but a couple of times I saw him stopping on a turn and lifting his head to check the adults walking by.
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People walk the labyrinth in so many different ways – dancing, couples holding hands, chanting, carrying pets, etc. – that I thought he was intimidated by them. I was wrong. In those moments he shook his head and his face gesticulations indicated to me he was thinking internally: “You are doing it wrong. It is very simple. Just follow the path, why the worries?”

There was an instance when he looked for his mom. As I was following him, I also looked at her. Her face showed some kind of worry, something was bothering her. The boy stopped, looked around like trying to figure out where he was situated in reference to the labyrinth, then ran towards his mom.

She was surprised. He took her hand and encouraged her to keep walking. I was not close enough to hear what he said, but I would assume he said: “Don’t worry. It is very simple. Don’t stop. Just follow the path and keep walking”. She smiled at him and he went back to continue his walk.

Indeed, this young boy demonstrated to me that life, as the labyrinth path, is simple.

Let’s make our life simple.
Let’s do what is needed to do.
Let’s enjoy the simple things our daily lives bring.
Let’s keep walking our path in freedom, joy and gratitude.
Let’s bless those we encounter in life.
Let’s be free and let others be free in their expression.

Love, Light and Laugh,

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