After a Long Hiatus

Writing Pad Labyrinth Ariadna Thread

After a long hiatus, a poem to reconnect with you…

Perhaps the labyrinth
is more than just a meditation tool
maybe it is a snapshot of our lives.
I’m not convinced we are ever moving either
forward or backward
but a winding path that sometimes
takes us inward seeking center
shedding the cloak and mask,
the facade that the world
in one way or another forces on us
shedding the cares and stresses
seeking quiet and rest and …inspiration;
and once we have found it
the path ahead takes us out to the world
to make good use of the inspiration we received
because only then do we make it our own,
becoming fully aware of all the subtle
meanings and nuances,
and yes sometimes
the inspiration
that this life delivers
requires us to go out on a limb
to take risks that we can only take
if we release some measure of comfort and security. Ariadna Thread

“Amy Cain”

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