Yom Kippur, a Day of Reconciliation

Sunset Labyrinth Ariadna thread

This year, Yom Kippur was observed on September 23rd. In Judaism, it is the holiest day of the year. It is a day of soul-searching, inner purification, repentance and reconciliation. As I work for a Jew who observes the day, the whole company was given the day off.

We (my husband, Toby-the dog, and I) decided to honor Yom Kippur in our own way. We visited the 17-mile drive with a stop at Spanish Bay– a beautiful place in Pacific Grove, close to Monterrey, California. My plan was to look for a peaceful and scenic place where we could draw a labyrinth, walk it, and do our process of peace and reconciliation. As it turns out, each one has a different view of how to spend the day.

As we arrived, the weather was perfect. The view was beautiful. The ocean, rocks, birds, and sand were heavenly. I thought to myself, this is the perfect choice. As we started to walk on the beach I started to look for the perfect place to draw my labyrinth. I couldn’t find it.
kelp Washed upThe beach was full of dead kelp and if you have been on a beach full of washed up dead kelp, you know that the amount of flies is horrendous, besides, my husband decided to refresh himself in the ocean where the agitated waves and strong currents are dangerous, and my dog, who is obsessive with light reflections and anything that shines, kept digging in the sand, almost burying me. I was not at peace at all, even though I was physically present in a heavenly place!
It was supposed to be a peace and reconciliation day!

I gave up, sat down, took my writing pad, and drew a finger labyrinth (you can download one by clicking here). As I was following the path of the labyrinth, I realized I was looking for peace outside. The peace and reconciliation is an inner process. It is a process done regardless of the outer circumstances. It is not until we find that place of being peaceful inside that we find peace and reconciliation with people, places, or situations on the outside.

My spiritual teacher John-Roger says, “The most important thing you can do to experience peace inside is to cease doing againstness. When you indulge in jealousy, anger or lust, you are in againstness – against yourself. It may seem like you are against someone or something outside you, but take a good look: Where do those feelings reside, and who are they affecting?”

BirdRockI stopped the againstness and we ended up enjoying the day with a beautiful sunset at BirdRock!

Peace Be Still,


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