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Gandhi Service Ariadna Thread

September 11, 2001 is a date that touched and marked the memory of many of us. I still remember the mixed feelings of powerlessness, confusion, anguish, stupor, and many more that I do not even have words for. Minutes after the shock of the incident, my mother came to my mind. She was living at the moment in New York. She still does.

All of the support that was poured out that day amazed me, and not only that day but for many days after. Maybe you were part of those who extended their hand asking, “How can I help?” To you, I say thank you. Thank you, because when you lend a hand to those in need or to support a cause, you open a channel for healing.
Or maybe you were one of those affected directly by the disturbing events of 9/11. Maybe you have your own story. I hope it is a story full of hope.

You might also have a story not related to 9/11. Stories of helping people and communities. If you have not yet, I invite you to look around and observe your surroundings. There are many tragedies happening in the world right now. There are so many hurting people who would be grateful for any help that you offer them.

Maybe you don’t even need to go too far. Maybe it’s your neighbor, a homeless person, an elder on hospice care, a co-worker, your kids, spouse, a hurt animal in the street, a shelter dog or cat. Perhaps something as simple as giving a smile to a stranger on the street. It doesn’t matter how big or small you perceive it to be. The important thing is that you are opening a channel for healing.Gandhi-service to others

I am lending my hand this weekend. You might not have heard, but Land’s End Labyrinth was vandalized the night of August 11th. It was destroyed completely. The labyrinth keeper, Collen Yerge, is planning to rebuild it Sunday, September 13th. The response of the people in the community has been above expectations. I was informed three weeks ago that close to 150 people have sign up to help. Many have offered other types of help. All of them are welcome.

Who could you lend a hand to today?

Happy Helping,


4 thoughts on “Lend a Hand

  1. How touching to see the members of your community coming together to bring to life a treasured location:) Would love to hear about the outcome of it with some pics if possible:)


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