An Open Letter to my Husband

Celebration Ariadna Thread

A couple of nights ago, you saw me at the dinner table with pen and paper, and my ears plugged into my music, basically isolated from everything happening around me. I know you don’t like to go to bed without me and I noticed you were wandering around. Yes, I did notice.

Maybe you were expecting me to finish my writing soon so that we could finally go to bed. I am sorry to keep you up so late, but I have found that I enjoy the silence of the night. It gives me space and freedom to explore my own thoughts and dreams. You approached me and said: “why you don’t write about this or that”, giving me wonderful suggestions. Maybe you couldn’t tell, but I was listening to you. Then you kissed me and went to bed without me. I want to tell you that I love you. When you were giving me those wonderful ideas, I heard your heart asking for acknowledgment.

So here I am writing about you. I am sorry to put you on the spot, but that is not really true because I know you like to be on the spot. No, let me say it differently. I know you are not afraid to be on the spot and I am still learning that from you.

Yes, I love you. Even though sometimes I don’t show it – when my mood changes; when I complain and demand things; when I do not support you and keep my silence; or when I throw tantrums. You could  mention other situations, but all of them are just ways of asking you to love me in my temporary moments of blindness. I call this blindness because I am often unable to see your love or the love within situations, places, or people. I admire your ability to see it in most situations.

Friendship LabyrinthI acknowledge your presence in my life and I am grateful for it. I embrace your happiness and sense of wonder that reminds me of a child with a new toy. Together, we are walking this labyrinth called life. I am grateful for your unconditional love, support, and your “logical” solutions to everything – one of the many blessings of marrying an engineer.

You remind me that we are not walking this labyrinth alone. Let’s keep walking and acknowledging the people around us. Let’s show them appreciation for the many experiences and blessings they bring to us. Yes, my Dear D, I know you are by my side. Thank you.


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