A Place of Religious Immunity

Labyrinth Ariadna Thread

An invitation (taken from the Grace Cathedral – 1 of 3):

“If you are passing by and feel intimidated or angry because of religion, please know that there is immunity granted when you enter Grace Cathedral.

Immunity from the ravages of religion and misuse of Divine revelation.
You know from the past about inquisitions and crusades and witch hunts. You live in a time of religious military zealots, abortion clinic bombings, and TV evangelists attempting to take power in our land.

How to avail oneself of the soul-inspiring testimony of religion through the ages and, at the same time, receive some guarantee of immunity from the power perversions that so often follow in the wake of religious strivings?

How to find persuasiveness rather than coercion and will-to-dominate in religion?
An answer is Grace Cathedral. Here operates an unconditional surrender to the freedom of God to speak to whomever in whatever language is understandable.

Grace Cathedral LabyrinthIn this space you can walk the labyrinth of life to the tune of the Spirit which you uniquely hear. Immunity from religious control is granted you upon entry.
Grace offers “sanctuary” to everyone and promises this glorious freedom of God as the climate to explore the healthiest living that religion affords”.

May your time be blessed,

The Rt. Rev. William E. Swing
The Seventh Bishop of California

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