A Place of Unity

Candlelight Labyrinth Ariadna Thread

An invitation (taken from Grace Cathedral 3 of 3):

Light Candle“If you are passing by and feel that life is fragmenting into a vast number of irreconcilable, shattered pieces, then please know that Grace holds an outrageous hope that, in God alone, all aspects of life are in unity.

We believe that God is the Alpha, so in the beginning all aspects were in unity with God. God is the Omega, so at the end all aspects will be in unity with God.

Now in the meantime, this unity exists in the brave hope of those who worship God. Grace seeks to keep this hope of ultimate unity alive. So we are called to extravagant hospitality “to all sorts and conditions” in the confidence that a gracious welcome is central to a cathedral’s purpose.

And yes, we are part of a specific religious tradition (Episcopal Church of the Anglican Communion). But we are so, not because one religious tradition exclusively contains all truth, but because when one goes on a long journey toward ultimate unity, one has to depart from specific place.

Grace Cathedral, Episcopal Diocese of California, is our last point of departure. And our companion and ultimate confidence is in the journey of Jesus Christ. We believe him to be clear manifestation of God’s love for the whole world and expression that all life is in ultimate unity even beyond the finality of death.

In the midst of what appears to be an ever-increasing fragmentation of life, Grace offers a House of Prayer for All people, an abiding hope that there is a Oneness at the center of life.

When you enter Grace Cathedral, this immunity, this anonymity, this unity are pledged to you”.


May your time be blessed,

The Rt. Rv. William E. Swing
The Seventh Bishop of California.

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