A Place of Anonymity

Praying hands Ariadna Thread

An invitation (taken from Grace Cathedral– 2 of 3):

“If you are passing by and feel hesitant to join the ranks of a particular denomination or to buy into creeds of millions, please know most people who enter Grace every week are practicing no regular religious discipline.

The rule of Grace is the stranger making himself/herself at home. All names are sacred here, but no one has to contribute one’s name to a membership list to be taken seriously.

Perhaps you dropped by wanting to reconnect in your relationship to God. Or to confess shame. Or to surrender  a burden. Or to pray for a loved one. Or to bask in the beauty of holiness. Or to meditate on a hard personal dilemma. or to find a moment of peace.Praying hands

A cathedral has a high ceiling and long aisles to allow the contained soul an opportunity to venture forth in multiple directions without the encumbrances of forced community.

Grace offers ages of spiritual space to which anonymous individuals may be on pilgrimage”.

May your time be blessed,

The Rt. Rev. William E. Swing
The Seventh Bishop of California.

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