Hands Hold Ariadna Thread labyrinth

My father’s visit ended this week and with it my childhood memories of him. New memories have come to replace the image of that strong, confident man of few words. I believe this is the longest time I have spent with him since I was 10 years old.
The years have already done what they will do to all of us at some point in our lives. Grey hair, deep wrinkles in his face, loss of hearing, loss of eyesight and moments of stumbling steps. It is interesting to see the fragility of our human body, it is one of those awkward moments when you ask yourself if this is it. Is that it? Just skin around bones? Do we just come to this world to reproduce and replenish the earth?
I personally don’t believe that’s all there is to life. There is so much more than our own magnificent bodies can perceive.
Hands hold parentsObserving my father getting older reestablished the view I read and heard about aging parents acting like children. I saw it in my father in the sense of returning to that place of innocence, wondering, and sometimes tapping into the inner wisdom we all have. I saw him experiencing things like a 6 or 7 year old kid. Seeing him laughing and enjoying the simple things I offered to him was delightful.
He kept me constantly wondering if he really knew about the many subjects he was speaking of. After all these years in the education field, he must have developed the skill of acting like he knew everything – you know, the idea that teachers are supposed to know more than their students.
His visit brought me back to my labyrinth path in which I recognize that even though it might look we are walking alone in life, in reality we are surrounded by many people in many different stages of this path called life. Some are just starting, some of us are in the middle, and some are close to the end.
I believe that inwardly the start is very similar to the ending, even though outwardly it might look different. Eventually all of us will go back to that free, innocent and fragile stage of life. Let’s keep walking with our hearts open, caring for those who are newborns and also those who are about to be re-born.

Happy re-birth,

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