Love and Gratitude

Love and Gratitude Ariadna Thread labyrinth

One thing I have not mentioned in this blog is that I was born and raised in Colombia. Colombia not Columbia, as I have seen in much foreign media when referring to the country. I feel sad when some journalists don’t take the time to do detailed research. However, journalists are who they are and for that I am grateful.

It hurts my heart to see the state of my country’s social, economic and political issues, but to also see many people with great leadership skills in so many different areas from so many different background lifts my spirit. All are working towards the same goal – creating better conditions for the country.
I might not be in agreement with how people approach some issues, but I choose to understand them.
I might not have all the answers to my country’s problems, but I choose to cooperate in finding solutions.
I might not be there physically but my heart is.

Love and GratitudeI might not be the smartest, most brilliant or agile one, or have great leadership skills. Maybe I’m not the most educated person, as someone in the past wanted to put me down for, but I choose to love that person anyway.
I might not have all those post-nominal abbreviations after my name, but I strive to keep learning and growing.
I might not be any of those things, but I am happy because none of them define who am I.

Gratitude and love are the guides on my path’s labyrinth. They open up the road to my heart and your heart.

Happy walk,

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