It Takes Two to Tango

Tango dance Ariadna Thread Labyrinth

Tanguera, the feminine for Tango dancer, is what my dance teacher calls me. It’s maybe been two months since I started learning Argentinian Tango and I am delighted so far!

During my first pre-beginner class, a woman shared her feelings about the tango. I don’t remember her exact words, but she said something like, “Tango is like a walking meditation.” I rolled my eyes and thought, “What? Am I in the wrong class?”

My view of the tango dance was totally different. The nostalgic rhythm of the music, the stiletto shoes women wear, the style of the dance, the posture and passion of the dancers with their feet and leg movements and the strong yet soft and sensual movements I have seen in Tango dancers were not at all related to a “walking meditation”.

Well, I have to confess after two months of practicing that tango is “like a walking meditation” — if you choose to relate to the dance in that way. I am glad she shared her point of view. It opened me to a new perspective of the dance. I have googled tango therapy and similar terms. You would not believe the amount of information out there about it.Tango dance

Dancing the tango is quite an experience. The silence and self-enjoyment during the dance is beyond words. The follower rarely has her weight on both feet and, as with any dance, the connection with your partner is extremely important. The embrace can go from arm’s length to chest-to-chest and you must develop the ability to follow the music and the leader, as well.

Next time I walk my Labyrinth, I will use tango music. You may as well start walking it by relaxing and shifting your weight, walking slow or fast and trusting your leader for guidance (God, Buddha, Allah, Christ, Light, or the one that is in accord with your beliefs). Soon you will develop listening skills; just let your heart guide your next steps.

In the silence that special connection is manifested,

Happy dancing,

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