Spring Cleaning in Summer

Spring Cleaning Ariadna Thread Labyrinth

spring cleaningIt has already been 2 years since we moved to a new home. Getting this new place was the result of clear intention, abundance of the universe, being blessed by God or whatever you wish to call it. However, I will save that for a later post.

The thing is, we moved from a bigger place to smaller place. It happened so rapidly that we did not have time to get rid of things. So we basically kept everything we had before and even more. Since the furniture and everything else no longer fit in our latest  place, we had to buy new things.

We have been enjoying our new place and are very grateful for it, but the heaviness of the old stuff in closets, cabinets and the basement has been bothering me. “They” keep showing up as if they were living things talking to me: “Hey, don’t forget me; I am here; You cannot buy new, bright and beautiful clothes, shoes, Kitchen Aid or utensils; There is no room for new wall decorations or duvets !”

This past week we finally decided to clean up some space and renovate the basement. It was very easy to decide to either donate, trash or keep some things. As I was going through memories, emotional attachments, and some of the “what if” clothes – you know, “what if” I lose weight, I would love to wear that dress again. I was reminded that just as we sometimes keep physical things we no longer need or have use for, we, as human beings, keep grudges, resentments, bitterness, indignations, irritations, dissatisfactions, and you can add your own list of feelings that hold you back in your path to a more joyful life.

My invitation is to do a spring cleaning in our own spirit, body, mind and emotions, through any way that  works for you. It would be done the same way as you would  with your own living space. Many of us have gone through hard experiences and some of us have not. Some might take more time to heal and some not. The point is to make an effort to clean your inner world. There are many trainings, retreats or workshops available out there, choose wisely. For me, what has worked best has been Insight Seminars. I have taken them since 1995. It is a never ending work. Through the years I have learnt to clean and not put back things that no longer lead me to a more joyful life.

In the end, you will find the labyrinth’s path is more open, clean and clear, even if it is late in summer. As is well said, it is never too late.

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