Ariadna Thread Labyrinth

Newbie to a “blog world”… yes, that is what I am now. Many thoughts, judgments, and prejudices have come to visit me already.

As always, they appear when I am confronted with something new. Some of them are very subtle, some of them very obvious, such as the one that asks: “Who are you? What news do you have to share?”

My mind then starts to identify me with my job and job title, with my career and the title I received, with my family as the wife, daughter, sister, niece and the like, with my community as a neighbor who lives in San Francisco, and with the different images, perceptions, and impressions people have of me.

But if I am really not any of them, who am I?
Is it really so scary to show ourselves just as we are that we play all those roles in our lives?
Or is it only me?
Is our own true nature so powerful that sometimes we fear our own creations?
How is that I allow the god of opinion to silence my own heart?

So I am taking the time to settle and observe it.
Just observing. Not judging, not making excuses, not talking.
Just breathing and observing what is present now.

In what part of my own labyrinth am I?
Can I gain enough altitude to observe it?

Happy observing,

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it“.


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