Starting as a personal blog then becoming a source of inner wisdom, Labyrinths.Co is my next adventure for personal and social transformation.

With a Masters in Spiritual Science and trained as a Labyrinth Facilitator, I lead processes of self-reflection by using labyrinths – an experience that supports individuals developing a greater connection with their innate inner wisdom. In this process of exploration, reflection and reconnection, the aim is to support you accessing your inner wisdom, and from this place of knowledge and power, to lead your life with greater clarity and integrity.

The use of labyrinths dates back to over 4,000 years . One of the most fascinating aspects is that labyrinths are not associated with any ideological, religious or cultural denomination.  (Click here for the next Labyrinth walk event)

Despite having more than 10 years of experience in the administrative area, my main interests have been spirituality, meditation and personal development; areas in which I have been studying and deepening with more dedication over the past 25 years.

Colombian by birth, but currently living in San Francisco, California. I am an adventurer, dreamer, explorer, traveler and curious by nature. I am a Salsa and Tango lover. I also love to go barefoot and be in touch with nature. I enjoy activities such as scuba diving, hiking and spending nights around a campfire.

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7 thoughts on “Adriana Kalambas

    1. Great! I have no been yet to Chartres, but what you describe is very common. Thank you for reading! I hope you find valuable information. A blessing to have a labyrinth close by !Keep up the good work you are doing.

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